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The Graphic Communications Scholarship, Award and Career Advancement Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides financial support to New York City metro area students pursuing careers in graphic communications. In addition to providing money for college, the Foundation helps mentor and advise students from middle school through graduate school, coordinates internship and work/study opportunities, and helps increase awareness of rewarding careers in the graphic communications field. Foundation volunteers review learning resources, training aids and educational materials to develop the criteria to certify the skills and recognize the accomplishments of young graphics professionals.


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Tech Strategist Jack Powers honored as
Champion of Education by Graphic
Communications Scholarship Foundation

NEW YORK (March 20, 2014) -- The Graphic Communications Scholarship, Award and Career Advancement Foundation will present its 2014 Champion of Education Award to Jack Powers, technology strategist and longtime public education advocate. Presented at the annual scholarship awards ceremony in June, the GCSF Champion of Education Award honors exceptional individuals in the graphics field who have helped to prepare its next generation.

For over 30 years, Jack Powers has explained each step of the Digital Revolution  for media professionals on six continents. Beginning with electronic composition and paginatio, moving on to desktop publishing and evolving through computer graphics, digital imaging, interactive multimedia and the World Wide Web, Jack has evaluated the big steps in media technology for private clients and for public audiences in books, articles, web sites and videos.

He chaired his first national conference in 1985 for the National Composition Association, worked with many associations and commercial conference developers internationally, and was chairman of the breakthrough Internet World conferences in 24 countries during the dot com boom. Along the way, he produced innovative education programs in electronic commerce, ebooks, artificial intelligence, pervasive TV, digital photography and healthcare IT.

In public education, Jack has served on the New York City Department of Education's Graphics Industry Advisory Commission since 1986, leading the volunteer group's teacher training, curriculum review, and mentoring activities and producing the long-running Citywide Graphic Arts Competition. At the Commission, he helped spin off the Graphic Communications Scholarship Foundation and has served as a trustee and officer of GCSF for years.

In 2010, Jack was appointed by the New York City Schools Chancellor to the city's Advisory Council for Career & Technical Education, the all-industry group of business leaders, employers, trade unions and community organizations that support more than 140,000 technical education students and their teachers in the New York City school system. Jack's colleagues voted him chairman of the CTE Advisory Council, and he has helped develop innovative career-oriented education programs in many fields beyond graphics.

A long time supporter of CUNY's New York City College of Technology, Jack serves as the chairman of the Advisory Commission for the Advertising Design and Graphic Arts Department, and he is a member of the advisory councils for Virtual Enterprises International, Thomas Edison High School and Queens Vocational & Technical High School. Jack has taught at the Pratt Center for Computer Graphics in Design and at New York University, and he is completing a master’s degree studying politics and urban education at the City University of New York

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