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Bonnie A. Blake, Ed.D.
Bonnie A. Blake, Ed.D.

As an educational and industry leader, Dr. Blake shares transformative knowledge with her students and clients to create successful learning and career outcomes in the field of design, media, and communications. She is a GCSF Executive Board member and Chair of the Mentoring and Education/Training Committees. She is a mentor for several students at GCSF and outside the Foundation. She is also a Scholarship Committee Member. In addition to her service at GCSF, Dr. Blake is an Advisory Commission Member in the Communication Design (BFA) Department at City Tech, CUNY. She is the Co-Chair of the Mentoring Program at New York Women in Communications (NYWICI).

Dr. Blake’s academic career at New York University spans twenty-five years. Academic and administrative roles included serving as a full-time clinical assistant professor, academic program director, and student advisor in the master’s Program in Graphic Communications Management and Technology. She was the liaison with NYU’s Advisory Board of the program. Dr Blake was appointed the coordinating chair in the Division of Media Industry Studies and Design. She was a member of the Dean’s cabinet. She led the Global Study Experiences for the program’s students with the support of the Advisory Board, leading student groups to London and Paris. Dr. Blake also collaborated with Italy’s Lipari School of Computational Science as a visiting NYU faculty member along with other universities. Her course topic was: “The Importance of Human Engagement in Social Data Mining and Emergent News.” The course was delivered live in Italy and via audio stream with her NYU students. The course content was a collaboration with some of her students who were working in the communications industry.

She launched her career working on the account side of an advertising agency, transitioning to the client side, and eventually creating Bonnie Blake & Company, Inc., Advertising and Promotion. Her current practice includes advising clients on how to grow and succeed in this media and communications landscape. She continues to provide educational and career mentoring to students and professionals. A portion of her practice is dedicated to students and professionals with dyslexia and/or ADHD finding optimal roles for their talents in the industry.

Dr. Blake is the recipient of numerous industry awards including the GCSF Champion of Education, the Luminaire Award for educational Leadership, the Naomi Berber Memorial Award for Distinguished Leadership for Women, and the EDSF Award for Excellence in Education for NYU’s Master’s Program in Graphic Communications Management and Technology. She was the recipient of NYU’s PRISM Alumni Achievement Award for Graphic Excellence.

She earned her Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of New England, a Master of Arts Degree in Graphic Communications Management and Technology from New York University, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree cum laude from Boston College.