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Richard Krasner
Richard Krasner
Richard Krasner

I grew up in the Printing Industry as a third-generation printer—I am the grandson and son of printers. I was fortunate to have been exposed at such an early age and gain hands-on experience of printing in a family business. I have always enjoyed the craft of printing and established a solid foundation for my career after receiving degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology.

I have continued to grow working for printing companies in production, estimating, sales, as Partner and now Managing Partner/Founder of The Printing Project, LLC, a print production consultancy. I was involved in supporting the creation of Digital Asset Management and Content Management Tools and the engineering to become the first printer in America to print in a commercial environment of “Stochastic Printing Technology" (Agfa’s CristalRaster Technology). My involvement on the Boards of NYC Board of Education —Virtual Enterprises International and GCSF has spanned decades. I have witnessed first hand the growth of our 501(c) 3 GCSF, from it’s roots through recognition to it’s valued position in the Graphic Communications Industry at large today.

Today I serve GCSF as a Lifetime Trustee and Board Member after serving terms as Treasurer and President. GCSF supports students who are committed to growth in their chosen specialty of communication and remains committed to their excellence. The goal of GCSF is to offer financial assistance through scholarships to our future NYC metropolitan workforce .
On behalf of GCSF, thank you for your past support and future participation

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