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Steve Kennedy
Steve Kennedy

I am a founding trustee of the Graphic Communications Scholarship Foundation and a life-long typographer, designer and artist, I am extremely devoted to typography, books, the printed word, and ink on paper in general. My interest in making books stems from a passion for books instilled in me by my mother when I was a young boy.

In the 1960s, I became an apprentice typographer in the New York City Typographic Union. In the mid 60s my apprenticeship was interrupted by the draft. Upon my discharge in 1970 I completed my apprenticeship and become a journeyman typographer.

An early enthusiast of computer generated typography—I worked with Berthold Technologies Gmb,  Mergenthaler Linotype Company and Quadex Corporation of Cambridge on early photographic and front end composing software. I started my own digital graphics company in 1990—Kennedy Typographers.

As a typographer and designer since the 1960s I have been immersed in the design, typesetting, binding, packaging, and making of books. I love everything about books, including their ability to transform, educate, inspire, their staggering beauty, plus the sound, feel, and smell of books, paper and ink. I love books for their durability, companionship and power of encouragement—and with this big appetite for books—comes a hunger for reading.

I started teaching in 1987 for the Typographer’s Association of New York. I am a past vice-president of the Typographers Association, past president of the Goudy Society,  and have served on the boards of numerous trade associations. At Parsons School of Design, I teach Typography, Advanced Typography,  & Visual Design.

I am a winner of the Graphic Arts Fellowship Award, and a Parsons Faculty Development Grant. I design, bind, and make miniature books in limited editions. A number of my miniature books have been acquired by the Kellen Design Archives and the Thomas J Watson Research Library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for their permanent collection. I am an aficionado of film and a pin-hole photography enthusiast. I have exhibited my work at: Scafuro/Acosta Gallery and at Polillio Arts in Chelsea.